Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Crazy Two Years

Hey ya'll! So now that I've consistent time and internet access on my hands I decided to give this another go.  I'm a smidge rusty in terms of the English language but I, at least, hope that you will enjoy the content, more than anything:

"When do we begin to live? I know we have a tendency of waiting for something to happen. We get so caught up in the wait or goal that we forget to live, right now. After you finally achieve that goal we look back and say "what the heck have I been doing for these past *insert number* years?" I don't want to be caught in that but I don't want to accelerate so quickly that when I crash and burn, the other cars pass me by." 

-Stagnant, March 9, 2010

I find it kind of interesting that I left the blog on such a depressing note. It's almost appropriate. I realize now that it's hard to see the beauty in life when your heart is clouded by darkness. If you keep your heart full of God, love and faith, even in crappy situations, it's much easier to keep your joy.

When we left off, I was living in a rundown shack of a "house" surrounded by gang members and high school students. A lot has happened then. I moved to a nice room in a nice house in a (guess) nice neighborhood. I was surrounded by a nice rotation of nice room mates with complementing personalities; as for my job, I baked my ass off until I was finally made a full time baker, eventually I got "fired" (apparently, this aspect was never settled) for messing up some rolls around the worse possible time: Thanksgiving. Eventually, I found a job at a start-up wholesale bakery. The building was shared with a meat loving, Nirvana listening, rabbi butcher. Eventually, the place fell apart and the rabbi recommended me to a kosher bakery (yet another upstart). There, I worked 16 hour days in a 80 degree cellar with no hope of help in the future. Eventually, after crazy misunderstandings and me pretty much losing my mind from lack of sleep, not getting paid on time among many other things, we parted ways just in time for a friend of mine's wedding in Ireland. With a sense of adventure and my opportunistic tendencies I jumped at the moment and decided to use my time traveling. After help from family, friends and a freaking awesome WWOOF-like website, I traveled for four months, primarily in France. There I met awesome, interesting people and acquired lots of skills. After a substantial amount of time and a ticket back anywhere (thanks to my cousin), I decided that crashing on my uncle's couch in Southern California seemed like a good idea. Less than a week later, I found a job at an awesome private penthouse club in West Hollywood. So it's a safe to say I've come a long way in the past two years.

I think now that it's a new year, it's a good time to review where we've come from, how we've improved, how  we've worsened and what we'll do to improve. Good can always be better and crappy can always be better. One thing that I've learned, for sure, is that, in this life, neither happiness nor sadness lasts forever. We only have moments and our job is to live those moments wisely. A part of that is from some person or book or movie...just don't know where, ha. So that's it for now. I promise I won't leave you hanging on interesting antidotes from my travels and crazy work times. Until then..Stay positive!


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