Sunday, January 24, 2016

Heading to Kansas City (The Long Way)

Hi guys! So I'm planning a road trip and I want your two cents!  Missouri isn't too far from New Jersey but I figured while I have the time I might as well make some stops. I'll be heading the long way back to KC so if you know any great places I should stop, comment below, and I may add it to my itinerary.

Heading Home! (The Long Way...)
West Orange, NJ - Kansas City, MO
August 2016

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  1. If you havent been to New Orleans, its worth a stop. Memphis, check out Gus' friend chicken. Epic!

    Charleston south carolina is also worth a stop.

    1. Great! Thanks guys. Of course I'll be saving New Orleans for January/ February. Apparently there is another Mardi Gras type of deal in January that's pretty cool. I'll let you know when I find out the name.

      Gus' Fried Chicken it is! Thanks!


  2. french quarter fest might be it. Its a free festival they have. its a great time. Almost as good as jazz fest.

  3. Was in Memphis the summer before last. They have great music museums like Stax which was my favorite but you have to check out a museum called Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum. It was pretty awesome and the Lorraine Hotel where Martin Luther King was shot is also there and an interesting tour. Beal Street is only ok. Some cool small live music spots and B.B. King restaurant was fun. But the Underground Railroad museum was my favorite with Stax pulling up the rear. ��

  4. I just went to Memphis Tasha and I visited Stax Museum, The Rock and Soul Museum, and the Civil Rights Museum, and Underground Railroad Museum (museum life is definitely in abundance in Tennessee). I also went to the Memphis Zoo (two things I like music and animals). I ate at a couple of different barbecue spots, and I guess the best one was Central BBQ which isn't far from the Civil Rights Museum. I did see along the highway see a sign for the Tina Turner Museum too. I didn't go but that's just a little tidbit of info for ya. Have fun on your journey and be safe of course.


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