Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ms. T.

Sept. 25, 2009

I've stumbled upon a very interesting woman. We will call her Ms. T. Ms. T. is a heavy-set woman with a caramel complexion, seemingly in her mid thirties. Her hair is an unnatural light reddish brown, cut just below her ears. She always seems pensive as her lonely gaze catches you through her one eye, the other stuck or perhaps sewn shut. She is a church going woman and volunteers on a consistent basis. Ironically enough, her gang connections are anything but limited as she offered me a job through such connections --which I quickly declined. She has the kindest of hearts but the saddest of fate being that, after I moved in, she was diagnosed with cancer.

The day I came to check out my current residence was the first day we met. I saw her sitting on the stoop. While waiting for the landlord, I sat next to her. We had a long conversation, leading to her offering the perpetual use of her phone, if I decided to move in. Our next few encounters were short. Being the "bisy backson" (see Tao of Pooh book) I am, I did not wish to stop to chat. A few days later I succumbed to her inquiries and she rewarded me with tea, toast and dinner whenever I wanted it. As of yet, I have not redeemed her dinner offer, due to my awkwardness and lack of social skills outside of excellent customer service and the professional environment.

Today, as I ran out of the door, she once again showed her kindness towards me as she offered practically a grocery store worth of food that she got from some unknown source. I accepted and offered to help her cook dinner tomorrow for 500 kids, who are in gangs? I'm not too sure if she means they are currently involved, involved by association or previously involved. Either way, kids are kids. If you're hungry, you're hungry. I don't know what exactly I am getting myself into by associating with this woman but once again, it should be interesting.


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